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About Us

From WMS to Data Analytics

Initially conceived by the founders in 1999 as an efficient delivery network for wine gifts, the FORT System has evolved organically, and offers solutions for the accessibility and logistical problems that can come between suppliers and buyers.  We first encountered many of these issues in the wine industry, though the solutions we’ve developed are not limited to alcoholic beverages, and can help make shipping easier to manage for any company.

Within the world of alcoholic beverages, the platform touches all key segments of the industry, including warehouses, couriers, wineries, wholesalers, retailers, marketers, and consumers. 

FORT’s core product remains its WMS platform, a comprehensive, multi-tenant solution for 3PLs, producers, and other companies.  More recently, FORT created a streamlined product for self-shippers, FORT Ship, and then enabled detailed data analytics with FORT Metrix.  Both of these are strategic extensions of FORT’s core competence, and allow us to provide much more than a mere shipping application. 

The complexities of shipping and fulfillment logistics are hard-wired into FORT's DNA.


FORT’s powerful platform makes fulfillment a snap, and provides a comprehensive system for fulfillment companies. The system allows management of multiple warehouse locations, zone skipping, courier label generation


Unlike FORT’s comprehensive 3pl platform, FORT Ship is designed for self-shippers.  It is a streamlined, lighter weight application, but still relies on the same powerful FORT engine.  FORT Ship avoids the heavier functionality like inventory management


Underutilized–or simply unused–data does not help anyone. FORT Metrix aims to synthesize disparate strands of data related to your business and present it in clearly understandable reports and graphics.

Stay tuned for more information on FORT Metrix soon!