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    FORT is a powerful fulfillment warehouse and order management system, setting the standards for efficient fulfillment. The FORT System’s suite of features enables even the smallest company to harness powerful tools and functionality typically available only to much larger companies. FORT provides an enterprise class web-based platform for producers, wholesalers, retailers, etailers, and any company that ships products directly to its customers, enabling package tracking from the point of label generation through to final delivery.

    FORT is particularly well suited to multi-brand companies, drop-shippers, and companies that offer alcoholic and other regulated products. FORT simplifies the process of shipping, managing, and routing orders, and integrates easy-to-use, powerful tools and administrable customization.

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      What do FORT users say?

      Advanced Fulfillment Solutions

      FORT's platform is built around the real needs of buyers, sellers, and shippers


      Whether you are a buyer or supplier, FORT provides a seamless interface allowing you to see the status of each package, allowing for maximum visibility and clarity.


      FORT has its roots in the complex, highly regulated world of alcoholic beverages, and is well suited for managing transactions and shipping for many regulated industries.


      FORT users benefit from a fully integrated data analytics platform, helping to reveal new opportunities, compare data against others in the market, and much more.


      Streamlined for self-shippers, FORT Ship combines the power of a WMS engine with the simplicity of a click-and-print shipping label generator.

      WHY FORT

      Our original focus is reflected in our name:


      Management of multiple warehouse locations, zone skipping, courier label generation, real-time package life cycle management, access to 3-tier supply chain channels, client invoicing, robust reporting and analysis tools, and more.


      Upload and process large batch orders or enter them from the admin (a useful feature for phone orders), with built-in compliance filters based on your business rules.


      FORT can route orders based on different criteria, using your own business priorities. Proximity to recipient, product cost, product expiration windows, freight efficiencies/costs, delivery windows, etc.


      Tracking is a general term used to represent the package life cycle, from label generation through to final delivery or return. Such functionality provides a real-time status window into all packages.

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